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Dreamed 1994/8/6 by Chris Wayan

I'm a student again. Class is just about to start--only I doubt it. During the night, the room's been methodically trashed--heavy desks overturned, even broken. Hours of carefully brutal work. The saboteur even left a defiant note scrawled on the blackboard. Silky, a classmate I like, a skinny birdlike girl with long black hair, is erasing one telltale word just as the teacher comes in, so he won't deduce who did it.

The word was "Gypsy." One of our classmates is a Gypsy girl. But did she really do it, or was she framed? Either way I'm startled that that Silky risks covering up for her. But I start to see why, as our teacher bursts in and gasps in horror. He's a bristling man with a formidable beard--a no-nonsense type at best, and now he builds up to a towering red rage. First words out of his mouth are "GYPSY! What have you DONE?" Even without that incriminating word on the board, he's got a thieving, dishonest Gypsy to blame! Open racism.

We just listen, glumly, till he winds down to a cold disgust. The room's so wrecked that we assume he'll have to excuse us for the day, so the janitor and school fix-it man can repair things. But our teacher says "No! I won't let this sabotage keep me from teaching! Anyone who leaves will be punished!"

And we sit amid the rubble, learning... some sort of lesson.


So catching my inner saboteur may be pointless. Not with a raving obsessive type in charge! A classic topdog who's provoking sabotage. The real problem here is... me.

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