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Dreamed 1999/8/22 by Chris Wayan

A woman I know gets up one morning to find a teenage girl sleeping on her front walk. She tries to wake her, but can't. Is she in a coma? Dead?

So my friend calls the emergency number. Cops, paramedics, doctors, even alternative healers all try to rouse the girl in vain. One acupuncturist pokes a needle in her thigh and gets liquid blood... but just a tiny trickle and then it stops. He says "This proves she's alive." I'm not so sure. A day or two later, that's still all the evidence they have of life--that and the fact she's unchanged. But still no detectable breath or heartbeat.

At last, I lose patience, and yell at them all "Face it--you can't wake her. She's DEAD." Though I feel like they're all a bunch of quacks who couldn't revive a cicada.

I wake in anger, then slowly realize my rage convinced me she was dead when I had no evidence--indeed, what there was pointed to life.

I gave up on her pretty fast, didn't I!

She was sleeping, she was beautiful, but I never even tried to wake her with a kiss.

A red-haired girl in lavender nightgown lying asleep on gray asphalt; ink sketch of a dream by Wayan. Based on a photo of Tori Amos in her CD 'Under the Pink'. Click to enlarge.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: my ink sketch is based on a photo of Tori Amos in her CD 'Under the Pink'. Musically AND visually brilliant.

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