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Dreamed 1989-1990 by Xanthe

1: Mare in the Amber Stream

I dreamed I saw a group of horses wading up the bed of a stream. The water was a luminous amber, and this color felt like a sign the stream was important, and I should follow it.

A dappled mare wades up a shallow stream through open woods; the stream is amber-colored.
In a series of later dreams, I did, riding a wolf upstream, into a valley with a Greco-Roman temple and a sacred burial ground. I learned that when I saw an amber stream, I should pay attention: that dream mattered.

2: Slithy

I met this creature twice in dreams. Both times, he was wading in the amber stream--though it was barely ankle-deep for him, since he was a good 20 feet tall [6 m]. The second time we met, he told me "My name is Slithy" [sounds like 'sly thee' not 'pithy'].

His skin was like a salamander's: subtly translucent, spotted, and almost the rich amber of the water. Drops of that water gleamed on his soft skin like stars, as if he were really a constellation, some fantastic creature of the Zodiac. Or perhaps he guarded the sky-paths just as three-headed Cerberus guards the path to the underworld, though I've never heard of a five-headed dog. Or salamander. Or horse. Or dragon.

Whatever he was, whatever he meant, he was lovely, and a being of great power.

Slithy, a dragon/horse with five heads, slick spotted newtlike skin, and a fringe of spines along his tail, necks, and the backs of his shins and forelegs. He wades in an amber stream; a woman standing by him is only knee-high.  Click to enlarge.


--Chris Wayan

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