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Spirit Face on the Beach

Dreamed 1988/4/25, painted 1988, acrylic and stones on panel, 24 x 20", by Jenny Badger Sultan

I see an aerial shot of a huge face on a beach--it spans furrows, maybe even parking areas. It is of a man--third world, long hair--a political or spiritual person.

Now I see myself on the beach, collecting round and oval stones to begin making the face. I will be doing it.

Painting titled 'Spirit Face on the Beach', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge
In the course of collecting, I meet a large man with a ruddy dark face and a mass of curly hair. He looks at me with recognition. I realize I met him at some kind of workshop. We talk. I tell him what I'm doing. He tells me about some other events of a shamanic or spiritual nature.

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