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Dreamed 1997/9/7 by Chris Wayan

Long, intense dreams of a secret journey. I must keep the route secret and memorize the markers. I'm not just following the path but essentially CREATING it, for others to use later--a path through our world, from one interworld door to others. I'm not alone, though now I recall only the cat I held in my arms, and the girl I wished I was holding...

I loved my workmates, and loved my job, setting up secret paths and gates. Who knew that multiversal interphysics would be such fun?

But now, I'm flying west over California hills, sloping down to the northern shore of Monterey Bay. Below my dangling tennis shoes, beautiful country rolls by: oak hills and scattered meadows, redwood valleys with lagoons at the creekmouths. I cut across the mouth of one cove, the first time I've flown over water. The cat in my arms seems calm; I thought it'd fear the water below. Not a bit.

The girl I like in our group, gliding alongside me, asks "Can you name the hills and peaks ahead for us?" I hesitate--it's so hazy, they loom over gulfs as silver as the air, backlit by afternoon sun. Rather than the Santa Cruz Mountains, they look like Mount Tam and Point Reyes! Monterey Bay seems more broken than I recall, mixed up with San Francisco Bay. Maybe the sea level's just higher, but things seem scrambled, shifted fifty miles or so along the San Andreas Fault. Are we a few million years off in time?

No, there's Santa Cruz below us--the boardwalk, the roller coasters... If time slipped, it slipped sideways. A parallel world.

We touch down on a sandy point sticking into a lagoon. Roadless, and its tip is hidden from shore by dunes. Private, yet it's within Santa Cruz city limits! Ideal for us--my friends wanted a world-door that's close to town, an easy walk that won't attract attention. It's perfect!

A few boats pass, a few hikers; the outer shore of the lagoon is a chunky breakwater without beaches or causeway; few people climb out there. I don't think anyone'll notice a few more hikers coming off the spit than went onto it...

Yes. This is the place. A new door will open.


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