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Nondream, totally off-topic archaic digital painting (just 16 colors!), 1990/1/16 to 2/1, by Chris Wayan

Not a dream like most of my stuff--one night I just found myself painting Potatohenge.

For two weeks I fussed. Tried out a million things on the altar in the center, including a TV and an arm emerging from the altar with a magic tube of toothpaste... finally this dancer of living, breathing stone showed up, ready for yoga...

I don't know why the circle of stones is giant diseased potatoes, or why I'm so sure the dancer isn't a statue, but alive... it's as if inorganic and organic things have swapped places, just taken a holiday.

Carbon-Silicon Day!

A digital painting by Wayan: a dancer of pitted but living stone does an arabesque on the central altar of... Potatohenge?

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