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Submerged in the Wave

1998/8/3, painted 1998, mixed media on paper, 16 x 18.5Ē, by Jenny Badger Sultan

I am standing in a living room with a pornographic paperback in my hand. I have a little bit of warning that a giant wave is coming. Can I put my book somewhere that it wonít get wet?

The wave comes; it is so tall that it curves over me and crashes in foam that is like whipped egg white. But I am left in an airspace. I can breathe, and the book is not wet yet, but there is no safe dry place I can put it.

A second wave arches over me, leaving an airspace and this frothy foam. This time the air feels somewhat restricted--I am breathing, but I donít seem to be getting enough oxygen. I keep breathing, but I am getting worried I will soon run out of air.

I know that eventually I will get completely wet--the book, too.

Sketch of dream, 'Submerged in the Wave', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge

I wish Jenny had said more about wave and book. It's hard not to suspect some symbolism in huge waves promising to get a sex book all wet! But what waking-world situation is the dream commenting on?

For an alternate mixed-media treatment of the same dream, see The White Wave

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