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Sutro Park

1990/11/2 nondream journal entry and digital painting by Wayan. Repeat: not a dream!

San Francisco. Sutro Park, overlooking the Pacific. It's Samhain eve (Halloween), and a horde of us pagans are up in the ruins atop the Sutro Cliffs, chanting around a smoking cauldron, with lightsticks glowing green in the dark... when a drunk climbs up the steps into the ruins seeking a private place to drink and howl at the moon, and finds us--fifty robed chanting creatures. And yells "HOLY SHIT!" in the most truly sincerely religious voice I've ever heard.

a witches' rite in Sutro Park, San Francisco, on Samhain (Halloween)
And I should end the story there--but the sketch is from an hour later. The drunk's sacked out on a bench, the lightsticks have faded, the ritual's over, and the witches and monsters and spooks have all paired off, leaving one lonely, envious, potato-faced monster.

Guess who.

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