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2000, sculpture, ceramic and silk, 17" tall, by Chris Wayan

Dreamed 1983/7/15 by Chris Wayan.

I dreamed I met an elfin girl who'd tattooed startlingly realistic vaginas all over her body, in every crevice and crack. She saw me gawking, and started teasing me, giving me peeks of more and more intimate pussies, not just the ones she showed everyone.

dream sculpture of a fairy girl full of holes, facing us.  Click to enlarge.
We could both see where this was leading, so we walked out on the beach, found a hollow in the dunes and lay naked in the sun. I tried to add her pussies up, but I kept getting different numbers. We both got really excited.

When it was time, I tried to slide inside her, but... my cock bounced off.

I'd aimed for a tattoo by mistake!

She giggled "No, stick it in a REAL one!"

dream sculpture of a fairy girl full of holes, 3/4face.  Click to enlarge.
Not "the" real one, "a" real one. It was only then that I realized... she really did have more than one. Her tattoos were like decoys--multiple fakes to hide multiple REAL ones.

I felt shy, embarrassed... and ashamed of myself for feeling weird about it. She was younger than I was, but her easy humor and acceptance of it all were way more mature than me. And that attitude was sexier than anything about her body.

She helped me in... one of them.

As I came, I woke.

dream sculpture of a fairy girl full of holes, seen from the back.  Click to enlarge.
As I built this statue of the dream, and added extra pussies in every fold and hollow, I thought of that less explicit but similar Dalí image of a woman with bureau drawers running up her back. So I added secret chambers in her head and heart and shoulder (her hair comes off, shoulderplate pops up, heart-drawer slides out). I planned a womb-drawer too, but the clay was too dry by then. So I just cut holes till her body was one big swiss-cheese womb with oval mouths all over. You could keep your jewels inside, or contraceptives.

Or your shyness, or illusions.

She's low-fired clay, but her wings are painted silk, on bent coathangers. A bit delicate (one arm cracked a bit) but I'm proud of her: by far the largest, most complex statue I've tried yet.

profile of a fairy girl full of holes, in my studio.  Click to enlarge.

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