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46K. Tarot card, 3x5", 1978-1981 by Chris Wayan

The card of hard work and self-denial, whether for art, career, or spiritual reasons. You practice arabesques in your bare little room with ice on the windows. Brrr. Dinner is an ounce of yogurt and a carrot.

And the irony is, you look great NOW. You don't need to be thinner. You never did.

As a former anorexic myself, I don't totally condemn self-denial. In a society full of overconsuming pigs, austerity can be healthy (A calorie-restricted diet lengthens the lives of lab animals at least 30 percent. Why not us?). But self-starvation to the point of illness... easy to slip into, but quite different. It's not caring for yourself.

It's violence. The quietest kind of murder.

And murder's not sexy, not beautiful, not spiritual, not art.

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