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31K. Tarot card, 3x5", 1978-1981 by Chris Wayan

Deep down, in the strata inside you, lie gems, waiting in the dark. Waiting for this child, who digs them free. You gain gems of intuition, crystalline insights, diamonds of commitment. But the kid...

The kid labors in the dark, starved away into a lonely ghost. A ghost with a lamp. A minor miner, who has no union to force you to be fair.

Has the child ever seen the sun? Would it fade away like ghosts of the dead, or would this kid rebloom into life?

Dedicated to the millions who were forced, by the whip, by the law, or by the rich, to dig in the dark--to better the lives of those in the sun. May it not happen again.

LISTS AND LINKS: Tarot - felt pen - ghosts - mines and the underworld - gems and crystals - buried treasure - kids - workaholism - repression and suppression and repression - healing from abuse

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