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(Full Tide: Life): 37K. Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979? by Chris Wayan

The card of the moon: time, tide, and life cycles.

At some phases, the hourglass is full, and life brims over... green waves sieze the moment.

But sometimes, the hourglass has run down. To get the flow going again, you need to turn your life upside down...

Unless you just want to walk the low-tide beach, picking up shells and bones for a while. Slack time, too, is a moon-phase, one that frenetic modern folk forget.

The waterfall of spilling time is based a bit on Hokusai's picture of Kirifuri Falls. And I suspect that's Emily Dickinson and her dog walking along the low-tide beach--as in her poem, "went out early--took my Dog--" Not that it matters to you, I suppose...

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