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Dreams and dream images of the moon--or set on Luna, in the future. I was surprised to find how many of these dreams I'd been having. My dreams seem convinced we'll bring it to life--in the long run.

For dreams of other moons, including Titan, Io, and Miranda, see Places.

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BRAID OF SILENCE: by Wayan; 1989/1/24, a brief dream-poem
We're slaves on the moon. But we're slowly stretching our freedom in the shadows, undoing the Braid of...
BRIDGE, MOON, PROFESSOR, SHOES: by Dorothea Tanning; 2003? Poem of a flying dream
The moon invites me to go flying, but I get tired of magic and just want to go shopping...
CRESCENT CAT: by Wayan; 2011/2/17, a painting critiqued by a dream
My dream critiques a non-dream artpiece. Does it only count as dream-art
when your dream urges changes, or is creativity partly knowing when to stop?
THE DOOR THROUGH DEATH: by Wayan; 1981/10/25; a Greco-Egyptian nightmare poem
At death's door, my friend lets Cerberus devour her, so I can enter
Death's pyramid alive and expose the truth about the afterlife...
DREAMKU, JUNE 2006: by Roswila; various dates up to June 2006; thirty dream-haiku
Daily dream-poems in haiku style, nonstop for a month. A flood of animals, revenant ghosts, sex changes...
EAT THE MOON: by Wayan; 2013/9/4; a weird shamanic dream-poem
Lights on the moon! Future cities shine. Gotta fix that time-slip. But in
shaman-space, the moon's a deerskull up a tree! I take it down, pocket its
jewel-city-eyes and try to stew the moon. I'm Coyote, so my cookery goes wrong...
FULL MOON KIDNAP: by Wayan; 2018/4/30, a dream warning that recurrent illness shapes the psyche
Every full moon, kidnappers jump me. Sometimes I escape, but when they succeed, they torture me till
the moon wanes. They're careful to leave no physical scars...
GROUNDHOG DAY: by Wayan; 1994/9/2, a dream-comic (or text with pix)
James Hillman is the first psychologist on the moon! He sees a shadow and
panics like a groundhog--mistakes it for Death. Not his own shadow, but MINE...
HOWL: by Wayan; June 1983, a picture-poem on a daydream of deep time
Surely the dinosaurs were as vocal as their little cousins, the birds.
But bass to the birds' soprano! So when dinos sang to the moon...
THE LAST LUNAR STORM: by Wayan; 1999/8/27, a dream of a future squared.
Lunar terraforming lags behind Mars; a global ice storm hits, like the bad old days. But the future...
LUCID ON THE MOON: by Wayan; 1980/2/23, a long-term psychic dream.
I'm on the run, on the moon. Cyborgs toss bombs at me. Yikes! Is this what melted Mare Orientalis?
LUNAMOTH (Around #11): by Wayan; 150K, 1998; 2 portraits of a dream-self, one digital, one acrylic
Day Me curls up and Night Me unfolds: a girl with dark moth-wings, not angel-white but camouflaged...
LUNAR REPUBLIC BORDERGUARD?: by Wayan; a sculpture of a 1995/11/14 dream.
A looming figure on the border of the new Lunar Republic, who told me it's time to turn from war to art...
LUNAR WEDDING: by Wayan; 1987/2/5, a poem of a surreal futuristic dream
I'm at a fancy wedding on Mars, I think, but slowly realize the black sky and huge blue ball mean this lawn is on...
...the Moon. In the open. What are we breathing? Well... old money, I think.
MOON AND FIRE RISING: by Jenny Badger Sultan; dreamed c.1994/3/10 (+ earlier dream images, one from 1969)
A dragon-woman showed me a cache of art. When I painted her face I recalled seeing it in a dream decades ago in a mirror...
MOON BLOOMS: by Wayan; 1997/7/22, a dream on traces of love.
Everyone has a personal moon. At first, mine disappointed me, till a bard dumped his trash on it, and...
MOONCAT: by Wayan; 1995/11/14; a subtle dream-comic about sonar. text version
Near a mysterious sculpture garden on the moon, lives the blind, bike-riding sage I seek: Moon-Cat...
MOONMARE (Around #6): by Wayan; 1998. Digital drawing made deep in art trance.
I made a cold moon of burnished metal, rusted and scraped. But then this warm mare reared...
NO ROOM ON THE MOON!: by Wayan; 2014/7/7; poem of a frustrating surreal dream
I want to catch a crescent moon home--our transit system's been buying up
old moons and running them across town--but tourists reserved all the seats...
REELS OF LIGHT PROPEL THE MOON: by Wayan; 2000/11/17; ink/digital sketch of the dream-voyage.
The moon's a sailing ship propelled not by wind but light: the light of night-movies. Dreams...
THE SATURATION DIAL: by Wayan; 2015/11/7, a surreal lucid dream with a control knob!
Night. Two moons. I go lucid! Find a knob adjusting the dream's color saturation.
Dial it up--and find I'm not alone! Ghosts of pure color...
SHOVED OFF A CLIFF: by Wayan; 2017/9/7, a nightmare-warning (I'd asked what to do next).
Atop a sea-cliff, I meet a young couple in love. One look at me and they
push me off! When I see I can't save myself, I try to take them with me...
STRUCK BY THOUGHT: by Wayan; dreamed 1956-7, 71/11/26, 78/12/28, 82/10/5, & 83/9/12
A picture-poem experiment: one dream per stanza!
Five short dreams exploring the weight of culture on our animal selves...
TAROT: THE MOON (Full Tide: Life): by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979.
Time, tide, cycles. In the full phase, life brims over. Time for passion & action...
TAROT: THE MOON (Ebb Tide: Memory): by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979.
Time, tide, cycles... At ebb, the hourglass drains, the tide recedes, life hides in the cracks...
TEN CLARKS AND LOISES: by Jim Shaw; c.1994, an epic dream on... poseurs?
Hand-puppets, a devil and a witch, have sex, and implant a lunar ghost embryo
into Lois Lane; now Lois & Clarkes, ten clones each, pretend to be puppets...
THANK THE MOON I HAD THE STRENGTH TO STOP!: by Wayan; summer 1978; song-inspired image.
The moon as an early gilled fetus. I feel like a half-developed creature walking around in your dry air...
WEREWOLF PARADOX: by Garvin Jabusch, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; an ironic nightmare
I must outrun the rising moon so I don't turn into a wolf and
kill my friends, but only a werewolf is swift enough to...
WHAT! MORE?: by Wayan; 300 x 500, ink 1985, digital color 2001.
The world needs Zen cards, to balance out the Tarot.
So here's my Zen pack--all one of them. One too many.
WITWEET WAYAN: by Wayan, 1979/1/10, a dream of butch and femme.
Six generations in the future, I find a poodle who can defuse the bomb my snotty friends can't...
A WORD DREAM: by Maude Meagher; before 1936, a wild word-association dream.
I often dream of words forming on a page as their images dance around me. Here's an example...

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