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45K. Tarot card, 3x5", 1978-1981 by Chris Wayan

The card of revolution! The old towers of strength come down, not via war but obsolescence... I've (perhaps perversely) combined two very different archetypes in the Major Arcana: the Sun, a card of stability and strength and health, and the Tower Struck By Lightning, traditionally the card of disaster and upset. It seems to me that all our strength and hope now is in radical but evolutionary change: stability and war are the twin rocks we have to avoid.

And yes, that's a genetically engineered raven with a notebook--and roughly human intelligence. Let's use that technology for what it's meant for, huh? As long as animals have to share the price of our techno-revolution, they should share in the benefits, shouldn't they? Let's be democratic....

(Oh, and as an ex-hippie who's kept up on alternative energy development, I have to say: the hippie paradise is coming! A world of self-sufficient communities, their power generated locally. Most people don't realize how close this is; we're even less prepared than we were for computers. The cost of wind power's already competitive, and solar doesn't have to drop much more--a factor of five or ten is nothing, when it's already dropped a thousand times. What'll they do, those energy companies who practically rule our world? When energy becomes as cheap as information, what will the new bottleneck be? Food? Love? Wilderness?)

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