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(The Seven of Wands): 22K. Tarot card, 3x5", 1978-1981 by Chris Wayan

The card of envy and attack for being outstanding. Above the others, for a reason: the halo shows all four Tarot suits--the same as all four Jungian functions: thinking, feeling, sensing, intuition. Those of you who see or sense auras know how rare it is to meet someone with all four cylinders firing.

The masklike face is wary and weary, from having faced the clubs of the envious. Outstandings often are armored; it takes patience to know them. But it's worth it.

And if you are outstanding, and maybe feeling sad or cold as you realize you do have a lot of armor, wonndering if being exceptional has made you unlovable... wrong! You just need to love someone who DOESN'T whack you with a stick for the crime of being you.

I mean, what's the alternative, a lobotomy?

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