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Ten Heartbeats of Will

Dreamed 2011/1/2 by Wayan

I'm talking to a wiry, dark-haired white guy on a hilly cobbled lane. He says "I've flown by jumping off balconies, but it's not consistent."

Yeah, I can see that'd be a problem. But he makes me ponder how often I can fly in dreams. I decide to try it now. Am I dreaming? Who cares? Surely the principle's the same whether I'm awake, asleep or lucid! Just will myself upward, firmly, steadily, with focus... and see what happens.

I climb up a waist-high stone wall, and leap off. Sweep my arms and kick, as if I'm treading water. It won't generate much lift in thin air, but it keeps me focused on staying up.

I feel resistance. It works! I hover for ten long heartbeats. At last I try to turn into the wind and climb. Falter, tip, lose my lift and bump down on the cobbles.

Not bad! I counted ten seconds, hovering, instead of the half-second I should have lasted. The Wright brothers only managed twelve seconds on their first flight. And they had a plane.

Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: A human silhouette in mid-jump, against a clockface.
I do deduce I'm probably dreaming, but again, who cares? In any cosmos, dream or not, the rules will do their best to accomodate me--if I clearly ask.


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