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Acrylic triptych, each panel 18 x 24", group approx 2x5', 1983/9/27, by Chris Wayan

A landscape with herons and wild horses in a semi-Japanese style. The technique was an experiment. I dabbed several acrylic colors onto the sides of a big pointed sumi brush, then rolled (not pulled) the brush over the paper. The result was highly irregular, textured outlines.

There's no hidden backstory--the horses are just in high spirits.

triptych in semi-Japanese style of a marsh and hills with three horses, two herons, one carp.  Click to enlarge.
I admit the red-orange carp is levitating out of that pool somehow, but I'm not inclined to be critical--it was my first large painting, and getting the composition to work on each individual panel AND together as a triptych was challenge enough.

Perspective? Logic? You're looking for that from a dreamworker?

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