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Three Ways to Fly

Dreamed 2010/11/10 by Wayan

I see three drawings. Each is a logo for a free program designed by a self-styled wizard--and each shows a way to fly!

First: a hooknosed, skinny, hawk-winged boy soaring over a big medieval city. Just grow wings! Simple!

Second is a friend of the first boy. This one has two cut round holes in his breeches, over his hip joints. Cylindrical tufts of golden fur grow sideways from his hips like toothbrush bristles or the rivets in Frankenstein's neck. The poles or antennae for an antigravity field! I don't see how this can work--but that's magic for you.

Three medieval kids fly different ways--wings, strange golden hip-tufts, and glowing spheres. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Third is a skinny girl in tunic and tights, in the same medieval city, a bit older and taller than the first two kids. She's not flying. No obvious magic to her at all. Except that... behind her, through the market, trail spheres of light, each about 20 cm across (8"). I suspect she's been just tossing them over her shoulder. In the illustration, women in strange, extreme postures are exclaiming over them. Haggling? Is she the source of a whole trade in lightballs? Wings and hip-tufts give you flight--do the spheres, too? Though rather than just fly herself, she gives her magic away.


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