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The Tiger Wheel

Dreamed 2009/4/25 by Wayan; Dreamverse 44
for all you alliterative Vikings, of whatever species

Two subarctic tigers are adrift
on a cracked-off iceblue raft.
Patiently they pace their floe:
tigers have the stoic know-

how to fast long weeks, then feast.
The swiftest of their cold sea's
currents cup these cats: south-borne
wend they with the wind.

Heat-haze. A dusty tropic shore
500 yards away. Dim vast
savanna herds they see.
Are seen! Titanic leathery

hammerheaded reindeer howl
alarms: "Lion! Zebra? Lion!"
Never seen before, yet prey
apprehends a prowl.

Our tigers almost churn
and wade ashore, but they're
not quite starving yet, to dare
rough salt surf. Paws. Stare.

Too late now! Veldt-shore recedes.
Round the current wheels and leads
hungry weeks to taiga home. Full
circle! And what's a wheel?

A zero! Cat-caution made their long
transmarine loop cubless. These
catmates might have pioneered,
challenged lion veldt-kings, to sculpt

those hulking grazers swift and lean
with fang fear. But our tiger pair
left the foaming gap unswum!
Darwinian synapse, or Wallace's Line.

True, the quested couple now has fine
shivery travel tales to tell.
But they're a folk solitaire: it's hell
to lure a tigermoot to hear.

For herding cats is harder than
swimming a whitegap or catching an
unknown bighorned half-ton deer...
Then I woke. The wheel stops here.

Sketch of a dream: two tigers on an ice floe staring at African animals on shore.


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