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Tornadoes & Testosterone

Dreamed and © 2008/9/3 by Dream Junkee

My first lucid dream of September is one of the longest I've had in a long time. I become the thing I fear most in dreams. And to cap that off I later switch sexes for the hell of it. Who'd have thought destruction and gender swapping could be such fun?

This dream starts with me bitching at the construction company that is building houses in the field behind my house. They dig up half of my yard in the process so I have to give them a piece of my mind. I eventually storm off to destroy their equipment and supplies but get lost in the maze of junk.

I hear a loud noise, like a monster piece of machinery starting up. A contruction worker gives me a hard hat and tells me to sit. I do. The platform we are on moves. I figure that when it goes by my house I'll jump off. It doesn't stop. It ends up taking me all the way to Tennessee, the construction worker yapping the entire ride.

Talk turns to tornado alley. I wonder if we are in it as we arrive at a shipping yard. I get off of the train and intend to use the phone but before I can call home someone points out the sky. It is low and black and the clouds twist threateningly. I take off to a nearby house for cover. I know a tornado will come. Two other people join me. I curl up in the corner and imagine that I am too heavy to be swept away by the fierce winds as they shred the house to splinters. I manage to survive. So does the yappy construction worker. The other guy did not.

I am handed a telephone. On the other end I am told to come home, repeatedly. Outside someone yells that another larger tornado approaches. There is no place left to hide. The house is not much more than a stack of quivering boards. I climb beneath the bottom shelf that is constructed into the basement wall. There I curl up, brace and argue with the person on the phone until it dies.

The construction worker can not find shelter and yells, "The tornado is getting closer!!" I clue in. Tornado? Reality check. I bite my finger. My teeth sink through the flesh easily though the pain...


I crawl out from my hiding spot, ready to take on the tornado but it's gone. The construction worker is gone too. Through the broken windows and holey walls I can see the still blackened sky. I demand the clouds to be gone. They obey and zip across the sky as if someone fast forwarded them.

I need to get home. As I consider how I also begin to wonder what the dream tornados represent. These two thoughts meld and give me an idea. I will become an tornado and twist my way home. So, I spread out my arms and spin. Nothing happens and I feel like an idiot. Not to be deterred though I try spinning the opposite way. Still no go. I need to think. Sepiatone collage: photo of a tornado below, a starfield above.

It occurs to me that I can use dream energy to fuel my desire. I absorb the energy from the dream. I can feel it puffing me to the point where I think might explode. But before that can happen I begin twirling frantically again. Dream energy sprays out from me and embraces me as I spin. Quickly I feel myself alter. I become insubstantial. I am a raging and rapidly growing wind. I feel unstoppable.

Three speeds of spinning exist within me. The outermost spin is the slowest. The innermost spin is fastest and feels like it is the soul of me. Between the inner and outer is the third speed. Sometimes it switches to spin in the opposite direction. Usually this happenes just before I put on a surge of speed.

I can still see and think and I am basically still me, just in another form. I am bent on getting home but can not clearly see the way. Debris keeps whipping up to block my view. I try to will 360 degree vision but can not quite pull it off. I need to see. I get up above the debris by growing larger. The larger I am the more powerful I become. I am the ultimate force in all of existence. I continue to grow as I move northward.

Eventually I am so large a tornado that I am high above the clouds and can see the curvature of the earth. The clouds below whirl like a tutu around my spinning tornado body before becoming absorbed into me. I can not make out cities or people but realize I don't care about either one. They are nothing to me now.

The Great Lakes shimmer in the distance. I turn toward them. When I get to within my general home area I relax and shrink rapidly. I become my human self again just down the road from my grandmother's house. I sit in an office chair that has wheels. Using but thought to propel and steer myself I roll casually down the road.

Once at my grandmother's lane I stop and wonder what to do next. Nothing can top the rampaging tornado feeling. For the hell of it I decide to become a guy. It's been a while since I've switched sexes. I try to change into a male but can't. In a half-assed, kidding way I think, 'maybe I can de-evolve into a guy'. I try it. It works. A surge of testosterone rips through my veins like fire.

I placed my hand over my crotch and wait to feel anything growing there. Just as I am about to give up on being manified a twinge in my pubic bone catches me off guard. Right after a penis begins to inflate. It grows to an abnormally large size and pushes painfully against the crotch of my pants. I fish my new piece out of my pants so it won't be crushed. And there in the middle of the road in front of my grandmother's place I toy with myself. I spend a nice long while doing various things to my latest body part. I stop though just before I get off. I know that there is a chance I'll wake up if I orgasm.

I tuck my new appendage between my thighs and roll up to the house. Three people come out. Two are arguing teenage boys. I tell them to shut up and fuck off. They do. To the third person, another guy DC [dream character], I expose my new piece. I expected him to give it a good testing out for me but the DC is reluctant. I expect to kick back and be pleasured but the DC won't comply. Verging on pissed-off-ness I decide that if he won't do me willingly...

The dream seems to halt for a second. I realize I am about to wake up. In those last few seconds I remember someone telling me to learn from my dreams. So I ask out loud, "What am I supposed to learn from this?"

A moment later I wake up.

What did I learn? My first coherent thought after waking was recalling the kick-ass sensation of being a tornado. I then realize that the tornadoes aren't after me specifically in dreams. I just happen to get pulled into their paths.

--Dream Junkee


What an excellent and powerful dream, maybe mirroring a deep part of your psyche.

I remember having lucid dreams where I started to cross a line sexually, between what was OK and what wasn't, usually involving 'persuading' someone to comply with my wishes. The dreams stopped immediately as if I had tripped a safety switch. That taught me a lesson. :-)

--The Snoring Man


I've wondered before if there is a line with lucid dreaming. Can a lucid dreamer hit some point and be denied further lucid experiences? I hope not. I enjoy lucid dreams, even the disturbing ones.

--Dream Junkee


I don't think the line has to do with lucid dreaming or even dreaming in general. It's more like John Lennon's "instant karma." Mean people tend to end up around other mean people a lot. In dreams or out.

I treat dreams as real experiences just to be on the safe side. There's no real proof dreams are all in our heads! If I rape someone in a lucid dream, a dreamer nearby may have a nightmare of being raped by a creep with godlike powers. Who knows?

So to play it safe, just summon up someone who'd LIKE to do you on a porch! Bound to be a million horny people in the dreamworld who'd be glad to. Why bully a reluctant one?

--Chris Wayan

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