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Tornado Insurance

Dreamed before 1961 by a car salesman's wife, reported to the Rhine Institute

A man in Georgia had bought a building for an automobile showroom, putting in a large plate-glass window and hanging a large electric sign in front. One night his wife dreamed a tornado came and blew the sign down, swinging it into the window, shattering that. She also dreamed, she says, "an older woman was hurt and I was giving her ammonia. The next morning I told my husband of the dream.

"He said, 'I don't have any tornado insurance or any insurance on that plate glass. I will get some,' and he did that very day.

"Not long after, a tornado came and blew the sign into the window just as I dreamed. A lady who ran a little candy and popcorn business next to us was knocked unconscious by the flying glass. I hastily got some ammonia and gave her some."


This predictive dream, brief as it is, shows the conflicting traits making ESP so hard to explain. If this dreamer subliminally noticed the sign was too close to the window and extrapolated, how did she 'extrapolate' giving an older woman ammonia? Such unpredictable details hint that rather than extrapolating, she witnessed a pre-existing future (whatever that is). So is the future fixed? Yet the dream changed the future--though in this case, the dream could show either the "former", uninsured future, or the "new" insured future. But other dreamers do sometimes change foreseen events visibly. If time is fixed enough to be foreseen, how can you change it? Yet apparently you can.

--Chris Wayan

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 182. Account untitled, author's name witheld; title & byline added to aid searching & indexing.

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