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Two-Faced Lapis and the Mother

Dreamed l992/7/6, acrylic on panel, 20 x 24", by Jenny Badger Sultan

Acrylic painting, 'Two-Faced Lapis and the Mother', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge

I am in an office having a therapy session with a woman. Her face looks white and old, older than me--Nan and Kathleen come to mind but I am not sure it is either of them. There's another woman--LaVon comes to mind. We seem to have reached a strange impasse; someone said something and now there is silence--it is unclear how to proceed.

The therapist is to my left. On a shelf to my right, near the other woman, stands a blue stone, deep like lapis lazuli, about ten inches high. I see vaguely carved in it two faces, one looking in each direction. I comment "This looks like a Janus figure." It seems relevant to our impasse. But we still have this curious difficulty in speaking.

At last the therapist begins to speak. Then, from a side door, people begin to come into the office. They work here and they are caring for some people in a nearby room and they are coming through to check on this or that. I am appalled--they are totally disrupting our session. Why is the therapist doing nothing? I think it is her responsibility to intervene. But since she doesn’t, I get up and tell the people "We're having a therapy session and you need to leave."

I go into the adjoining room and speak clearly to several people--"We are having a therapy session and you may not interfere." It seems they hear me and will respect me.

A man in a flowered shirt and shorts picks up a phone and starts to make a call. I go over to him and say "I told you, we need not to be disturbed." Then I realize that he is not in our room doing this, but in the adjoining room where it is OK. I apologize to him several times, putting my hand on his back. I tell him "I got carried away."

Then I go back into the office. The therapist and the other woman are sitting together, next to each other. I go and sit down. I see a magazine which describes a movie that was made a few years ago called “Mother”--it is supposed to be an incredible work that explores the mother archetype in an epic way--in different parts of the world--a monumental work. I ask the other 2 if they have seen it. I have not. I wonder if I could rent it as a video. But I know it would not be good in a small format. I really would like to see it on a big screen.

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