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Under their Masks

Dreamed 2000/3/17 by Chris Wayan

A black full-face mask with slit eyes.

Two groups declaring themselves the Champions of Good and Evil fight all night in my dreams. My friends and I just want to get on with life--particularly dating. But these moralists keep intervening. Hours of dramatic uproar. Their Good and Evil look pretty arbitrary to us--both sides are identically self-righteous.

Several times, we're sure one side has won, and we can breathe freely. Don't care who "wins"... just so all those heroes shut up. But whoever gets on top always commits some appalling mistake and wrecks their own lead and the other is back in contention. Attrition weakens both sides, unsteadily, but in the long run, about equally.

Both sides wear masks.

On top of masks.

On top of masks!

Wasp angel: blonde, blue-eyed and -winged Dinosaur person with tall crest and feathery tail.

The "good" Champions seem at first to be a band of blow-dry blonde angel-girls who the Mormons would be proud of. But eventually, they peel off their skins and become shy, skinny, bipedal lizard people with beautiful crests on their heads. But this appearance could be a disguise too...

Under the mask was a friendly Latina girl... but is that a mask too? Elf-girl disguised as a pirate, with blue eye-patch
The "evil" side seems more varied, but the one I recall best started as a cute Latina, with a wide roundish olive face, bobbed hair, and an extravert's aura, quick to laugh or scold. But she too peels her skin off eventually, and now she's a much thinner elf-girl with delicate features and pointed ears... but dressed as a pirate. She even has an eye patch. Is one eye really blind, or is that fake too? Under the costume she looks nice--but now I'm skeptical of ALL appearances.

Though as the layers peel off, there's less room to hide things. Neither the elf nor the lizards (if they're still disguises) can hide, say, wrestlers inside. Or even average men--just too delicate, too small.

Pretty similar, in fact, for warring principles fighting to the death.

Our deaths at least. By boredom.

Mask or face? Whatever it is, it's looking up uneasily, through darkness...


Will Good and Evil please shut up? Thank you very much.

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