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Dreamed 1981/7/18 by Chris Wayan

You don't know about unshade trees? You're not missing much. Scraggly things--black twisty branches, usually bare. They're only good for one thing: you plant them to keep forested land sunny and clear--they keep all other trees from growing, though they don't have leaves themselves. Some growth inhibitor?

I hate unshade trees, they're so ugly. Worthless, except for their one talent: clearing, well, clearings...

One odd thing. Their shadows aren't just thin--they often seem actually bright, a pool of intensified sunlight. They cast an unshadow!

One day I meet a farmer who adds another bit to the puzzle. He owns a whole grove of them. I can't imagine why, but he explains to me: "unshade trees bear excellent fruit, too."

But what? They sure aren't visible, any more than the leaves are. Where is all this happening--underground, or in another dimension?

What am I not seeing?

Dream: an unshade tree, all bare black branches, its shadow a pool of sun.

And here I am, still thorny and keeping others at a distance, and still thinking that's pathological! Yet I need solitude (and lots of it) to do my life's work.

Today I wrote up twenty-three dream tales for the Web. Tomorrow will bear its own fruit.

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