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Wall to Wall Water

Dreamed 2003/3/18 by Larry Vigon

Sandra and I were driving down Runyon Canyon Road to stay at a house near the bottom of the hill. When we arrived, the house we were to stay in was on fire, so we went across the road to another house where we could spend the night.

The unusual thing about this house was that instead of a carpet in the livingroom, the room was filled with three or four inches of wall to wall water. In the water were beautiful turquoise fish.

Turquoise fish swim round a living-room floor. Dream painting by Larry Vigon.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled. Title added only as search aid.

LISTS AND LINKS: Los Angeles - fire - home - water - fish - color - beauty - surreal dreams - paint - more Larry Vigon

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