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1988. Digital nondream picture-poem-rant-thing by Chris Wayan

I hate your isms. ALL of them. I'm an equal-opportunity hater. Theories are just guns, and I feel like a shell-shocked bird on a battlefield. I'm not being negative--I do like something. I trust direct experience. But beyond that, I get wary.

Hence this self-portrait of me as a bird made of Moiré (interference) patterns on a battlefield of clashing moirés, drawn in the Computer Neolithic with sixteen colors and a mouse (no pen, no scanner, they didn't exist) so don't laugh, it was like drawing with a stick on a rock only you had no stick and the rock kept running off. Like Alice playing croquet.

Interference patterns shaped like a bird flying through explosions, with these words: 
Commuting through this IDEAL era feels like I'm a bird dodging between WARRING MOIRES. 
Showers of gold and strontium. Moiré eels! Creepy crystalline interference patterns of  these big sharp new ideologically correct ISMs. Faith? Teeth! Abstract, computer-crisp. 
Oh, the horror! 
And then I notice... I'm one too. 
O what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to beLIEve.'

To poet KENNETH PATCHEN, whose rough, passionate precomputer picture-poems showed me to say what I need to--not the "agreed-upon" important issues. Who agreed?

And to my late godmother JOAN-LEE WOEHLER, who traced Sir Walter Scott's quote "O what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to beLIEve" (he wrote "deceive" of course).

FAITH writ in gold, morphing into the sharp white word TEETH

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