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Water Books

Dreamed 1968 by Marilyn Stablein
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Nepalese print of a turtle inscribed with text

My yak plods across the dunes of a desolate, forgotten or never-discovered lake in Tibet. At a monastery lamas store manuscripts in underground pools. When I swim through the vast sunken library, walls of books rise on both sides like coral reefs.

Some books open like sea anemones. Invisible currents loosen pages that wave back and forth like insect feelers. Letters soak off of book covers and float to the surface like kelp. Fish nip at them testing their edibility.

Dozens of leaves from palm leaf manuscripts pass me in single file like migrating eels heading to a secret feeding ground.

SOURCE: More Night Travels to Tibet by Marilyn Stablein, 2011, Shivastan Publishing (, "... a series of prose-poems based on actual dreams first recorded in 1968 when living and studying in the Himalayas for six years."

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