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THE ANCIENT BOOK: by Wayan; 1993/11/11, a political dreamfable.
I'm a schoolkid in the future who finds an ancient book the censors somehow missed...
BESTIALITY: by Wayan; 1997/2/6, essay with implications for dreams breaking taboos
A capsule history of a taboo that changed startlingly over 3000 years... does sin depend on timing?
BIDENT: by Wayan; 2019/9/29, a punning political nightmare
The Evil Librarians drop a 19th Century book-character on my head--a blue-skinned paranoid!
He tries to kill me with a trident missing one prong... a Bident? Oh, no! He's Joe B...
BLUE EAGLE: by Xanthe; 1989/10/6, a dream that said it wasn't for me
I met a great blue eagle waiting to get into a library--but not to hunt books...
A CONVERSATION WITH ANOREXIA: by Wayan; 1994/6/25; two wild shamanic dreams.
That day I read Hilde Bruch's "Conversations with Anorexics" and face the fact I am one.
That night, in the land where anorexic horses heal, I enter the Kiva of Shamanic Pamphlets, and...
THE DYE-HOUSE RECORDS: by a Christian secretary, pre-1961, a prayer-induced intuition
Our archivist had had a stroke. When an engine failed, my boss said
"Find its records if it takes two weeks!" Five minutes later...
GENIUS! PRODIGIES AND THE GIFTED: A BOOKLIST: by Wayan, 2010-2018; a nondream bibliography
A booklist (plus a few articles, films & comics) of interest to prodigies and geniuses. Just 100 so far; email suggestions!
HALF-ELF: by Wayan; 1996/2/14, a predictive dream fable.
A biracial girl doubts her own heritage; a human friend has to confirm the obvious. So what am I blind to?
HE LOOKED SOURLY: by John Dee; 1582/11/24, a mage's dream of dying, and after.
The foremost wizard of Shakespeare's age dreams he's dead. They're burning his books, but that doesn't bother him...
JEAN ARP'S OCTOPUS: by Wayan; 2001/2/26; a surreal dream of my surreal reaction to a surrealist and his... lunch
A library shows me surrealist Jean Arp's sketchbook. One Eschery sketch with repeated focal points is hypnotic.
But they also show me his lunch, and I try to eat it! I fail. Head & gut disagree. Stuck Arp-way...
LADY UNICORN: by Cindy Prince; 2007/10/16, a dream of a shapeshifter.
I was working in the library, talking to this woman who announced "I think I'll grow my horn now..."
THE LIBRARY: dreamed between 1976 & 1982 by Audrey Niffenegger; an book-inspiring dream
I die. But then I find a door in my grandmother's pantry leading to a beautiful library...
MOM THINKS I'M ON A LEASH: by Wayan, 2019/3/10; an unheeded warning dream
My late mom Marcy shows up at work. "Check in weekly or we'll stop your allowance."
But my parents don't support me! I left my family and earn my own pay. No leash! I refuse.
Months later, as I recover from serious work-induced illness, I see the dream wasn't about
family values (ugh). What I needed to check in with was... mortality. Was death.
OH, WAIT: by Wayan; 2008/10/3, an illustrated dream poem; Dreamverse #32
I'm a spy tracking down coinlike bombs. Fighting a double agent, I fall in love!
So I suggest her gang rob golden-parachute bankers...
OLD HAT: by Wayan; 1988/1/5, a "normal" (i.e. incoherent) dream.
The Goddess gave birth in my workplace. Her fever-dreams become real around us...
PESSIMIST HELIX: by Wayan; 1996/6/9, a wise time-travel dream.
I work the info desk in a futuristic library. But one question leads me into a DNA-helix, a tornado of doubt...
PIKE JOURNAL: by Wayan; 1984/11/14, a small psychic dream.
I'm peeking at Pike's Peak with Gregory Peck, as we seek my dream-journals in the Hawaiian jungles...
SAMURAI LIBRARIAN: by Wayan; 1982/10/20, a dream that dreamwork is samurai discipline
I wrote my dreams each morning no matter what--even if I it made me late for work.
They assumed I was sloppy, lazy, spacy. No; disciplined about priorities!
SHARKBIT AND WARY: by Wayan; 2017/11/17, a dream explaining my own social caution
At the beach, I see a swim team wading in. One girl teases a laggard wader,
not seeing her huge scar. She says "I won't swim till the shark-risk is mapped"...
SNAKE APOLOGY: by Wayan; 1972/6/24 or 25, a dream on solving communication problems
I'm a snake being hunted by the FBI. I know English, but I can only hiss.
So I need to find an indirect way to show I'm peaceable...
THE SPHINX APPROVES: by Wayan; 1991/5/2, a dreamtale on growth.
A great war shrinks to wrestling, then hopping from page to page! Once they were worlds to me, but now...
A SPHINX'S SKETCHBOOK: by Wayan; dreamed 1994/7/2 & 7/19; a 23-page dream-comic
I find the sketch-journal of a beautiful winged sphinx who left her mythic isle
to explore a great city of crazy bipeds, called San Francisco...
STAY GROUNDED!: by Wayan; 1988/2/27, an unexpectedly grounded dream.
I'm playing poker with a dragon. But we barely dare move: we're both crackling with thousands of volts...
THE TOOTH: by SAO (Shawn Allen O'Neal), 2003?, an epic, oracular, baffling dream
Psychics give me an incomprehensible reading. A book from the tree-library gives only Victorian dating advice.
At last a madman gives me a treasure-box holding a tooth that unfolds into slices carved in unreadable symbols...
THE TRAIN ON TIME CAFE: by Wayan, 1981/12/20, an epic political dream.
Silicon Valley goes enthusiastically fascist. I hide in a berry patch. They build a shining world, and then...

UNICORN TAG: by Wayan; 1986, a linked series of illustrated dreams.
Animal teachers, mostly equine, drag me (as I scream NO!) beyond plain dreamwork into shamanism...
Chapter 1: The Deer Party: by Wayan; 6 illus.
Chapter 2: Ariane's Honeymoon: by Wayan; 8K
Chapter 3: The Everest Marathon: by Wayan; 1 illus.
Chapter 4: Who'll Be My Love?: by Wayan; 100K, 4 illus.
Chapter 5: Dreamrider: by Wayan; 7K, a nondream interlude
Chapter 6: Half Shaman, Half Statesman: by Wayan; 170K, 4 illus.
Chapter 7: Eight To A Horn: by Wayan; 2 illus.
Chapter 8: Black Magic: by Wayan, 7 illus.
Chapter 9: Misfits On Mars: by Wayan; 300K, 7 illus.
VOTERS GONE CRAZY: by Thomas Madden, c. 2009/2/5; a political nightmare
It's election time in Europe, but voters have gone crazy. Nazis invade England. In my library, Sarah Palin rots...
WATER BOOKS: by Marilyn Stablein; 1968, a dream while visiting Nepal... for six years
In a Tibetan monastery on an ancient lakebed, I swim through a vast sunken library.
Books open like sea anemones, letters float to the surface like kelp...
YOU CHIPHEAD! : by Wayan, 1997/1/31, a sarcastic dream.
Chips are faster than brains these days, so everyone's upgrading--everyone but me...

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