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The Weeping Brain

Dreamed 2010/12/5 by Wayan

for you other weeping brains

My sister Althea has a painter's dream.
Bought the new biocomputer: fourteen
by seventeen-inch screen--mad to draw,
so Althea sprung for an oversize brain.

A pale buff leather, sallow, like dry cheese
rind or elder honky skin. But cracked. Weep-
ing Frankenstitches. Not blood--lymphluids seep
as I tap the keys and watch the cursor creep.

I ask "Don't those leaks short the circuitry?"
Althea looks away, and snaps uneasily
"Leaks? There are no leaks!" While I feel
the drool. Her tongue's a slick denial-eel.

Maybe they're tears. Is her portable sad?
Boxed for art, unsexed and flayed.
O weeping cheese, grief-oozing skin,
three-hanky brain... I fear we're kin.


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