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We Marched through the City of Saint Francis
From Wayan's journal, May 1982, after a peace march

A few deer, naked, speak to hounds,
Call Sister, Brother, Brother;
Dogs pause, and whuff, then roundeyed
The speaking flesh they tear;
Scab-seal the memory like a cattlebrand
The moment tombed, but the sear, the scar...
Wise to kill, for if souls that see
Heaven on Earth so soon
Aren't severed from their flutes of cell
They breed and teach and spread.
Thou shalt not let Assisi live!
How many scars can a wolf mind bear?
Starving among new kin
I'd have to spare your guts from flies
By digesting my own.
Shall I eat words?
How cruel to say sister, brother.


San Francisco is named for Saint Francis of Assisi, who dropped out of society and asserted the basically Buddhist or shamanic notion that everything is alive and has a soul. The Catholic hierarchy didn't like him and his quite radical movement. They spent years watering it down to make it safe...

I think he'd be pleased that the city named for him seethes with peace protests... and Green values, including animal rights. The only city in America with a policy not to kill homeless animals.

Including human ones.

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