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Dreams of Utopia, Heaven, Paradise, Eden... the perfect place.

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ANIMAL HEAVEN: by Wayan; 2008/8/16, an astral dream-poem; Dreamverse #6.
At a party in Animal Heaven, I fall for a rabbit-girl doomed to be human dinner. How can I rescue her? I'm Fate's part-time intern!
AROO'S ENGINEERS: by Wayan; 1984/11/9-10, a Hawaiian dream epic.
The Engineers make Eden logical. But the blimps go blind, and a demon gets published. Can I escape the hell they've made?
BERNAL ISLET IN 2250: by Wayan; 2007/4/2, an epic undream painting
My neighborhood becomes a Huck Finn Eden after global warming turns it into a tropical island...
BLESS MY PHOBIA: by Wayan; dreamed 1992/8/15; story + silk painting.
I was Eve's guardian angel the second time round, and I blew it again. But this time, it came out right....
THE CIRCUS HUMANS' DESERTION: by Wayan; 1988/2/19; a holy dream.
I join a circus, but soon all the best carnies sail off to the Blessed Isles. The circus animals pitch in and carry on--clumsy, lonely. Then a herald arrives from the Isles--Donald Duck! He says...
THE DRAGON'S TEETH: by Wayan; 1994/6/23; a dance dream that maps out my life
I'm dancing on stage, in behavioral space. But right in the middle of the stage, erupt these... teeth?
THE DREAM: by Henri Rousseau; 1910, a (collaborative?) dream painting
Rousseau's famous painting of a woman who falls asleep on a sofa and finds herself in a glorious jungle may just be a real dream...
FIGHT GOD!: by Wayan; 1979/12/25, a Christmas fight dream.
I'm in Heaven, but... it's full of Christians! I fight 30,000 angels, but I wanna go right to the top, and...
FISHERGIRLS: by Wayan; 2.6M, 42 illus.; 1996/7/15; a sexy dream epic.
I had a spectacular dream one night, that lasted many days in dream-time--a true other life. It wasn't Earth, and we weren't human.
I was a teenage lemur, sailing with two friends into unknown waters--a rite of passage. I woke on deck deep in the night, my friends curled around me, and realized I didn't WANT to pass the test, be declared a grown woman, marry and have pups. I loved my girl friends. In a world lacking the very word, I was groping toward queerdom. Sailing into unknown waters! "Here be dragons," the old maps say. And they were right...
If 2600K is too big to load, try it in parts: 1: HOME, 650K, 2: VOYAGE, 1200K, 3: BACK 750K.
FISHERGIRL IN WATERCOLOR; OVAL: by Wayan; 1996, watercolor of a 1996/7/15 dream scene.
A watercolor portrait of Leaf and me on our boat in the lost city, from the dream FISHERGIRL...
GIRL-HEAP, OR CHOICE?: by Wayan; 1998/10/29, a dream on initiative.
I'm on a women's sports team, and I should be in paradise. But I want more; not love exactly, but...
HARE HEAVEN: by Wayan; 1998? Digital dream sketch.
I dreamed my friend Beryl's soul was a giant rabbit, arguing in paradise with our mutual guardian angel...
THE HEDGEHOG DISPENSARY: by Wayan; 2004/10/2, a watercolor dream-comic of a furry ambitopia. (Small screen, slow loading? Text w/pics)
A rabbit shaman makes his student drape dead hedgehogs round her neck til she bleeds. How to free her?
HELL IS HEAVEN!: by John Keats; 1819, a happy scandalous dream
I dreamt I was in the outermost circle of Dante's Hell, among condemned lovers, floating forever, in love, in bliss...
HOWARD ANY TIME NOW: by Alice; before 1961, a predictive dream of a ghost calling.
My dead father said "We are looking for Howard any time now. We'll be glad to see him but sorry for the ones he left..."
INCREMENTAL HEAVENS: by Wayan; 2016/9/5, a reincarnation-frustration dream, baffling at the time--but less so now
I get reincarnated over and over in conservative heavens where progress is numbingly slow, blocked by know-nothings. Of course, after the election...
IRISES: by Frederic Mistral; 1834, a four-year-old's ecstatic dream
That day Frederic, craving irises, fell in the water three times. At night he swam through a warm-water iris paradise...
ISLE OF THE BLEST: by Wayan; 1990, painting inspired by series of fox-dreams
I'm a Japanese werefox, longing to reach the Isle of the Blest; but dare I swim for it?
LEARNING SCALES: by Wayan; 1985/6/26, an epic dream of Chinese dragons.
I find myself in astral China. The Empress is banished, the Jester rules. Wisdom is lost. We need a Dragon...
LET ME PASS!: by Alice Sheldon/James Tiptree; January 1974, a punning gender nightmare
Alli/Tip is lured/tricked into a pen full of women, and tries to get out by repeating this ambiguous plea...
THE LIBRARY: dreamed between 1976 & 1982 by Audrey Niffenegger; an book-inspiring dream
I die. But then I find a door in my grandmother's pantry leading to a beautiful library where I'm no longer dead...
LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN: by Edwin Muir; 1920, an epic hypnogogic shamanic initiation
Creatures in the primal sea touch my third eye, dragons cry their eyes out, I fight the Sphinx, and arrive at last in...
THE LOST RING: by Helen Fraser; 1924; an astral lost-and-found dream
A friend in Heaven promises Helen a lost ring would return to her. Three days later it did; but its path had been strange...
LUCID FLIGHT: by Lisa Reich; March 2003, an ecstatic lucid dream of flight.
I flew as if part of the air--an otherworldly freedom so exquisite I wonder if it's attainable at all in earthly existence...
LYR: by Wayan; 7MB, 2005, 80 pages w/200+ drawings and maps; a virtual planet
A vast sea-world with 7 times Earth's mass, whose isles are home to at least 19 intelligent species...
PINHEAD HEAVEN: by Wayan; 2013/7/12, an absurd dream-poem
I'm in heaven. But... what can you do up here? And it's so small. Where is everyone?...
RECONCILIATION: by Martha Sherwood; 2003/6/19, a dream-parable
Even after the Resurrection, a mother and daughter still have issues to clean up...
SAFETY GETS ME HOT: by Wayan; 1997/3/27, a dream on sensitivity.
I'm trapped in a post-apocalypse pulp story! Fun for my readers, but not for me! How to escape?
SCIENCE IS A BUILDING THAT COMES ONLY HALFWAY TO THE GROUND: by SAO (Shawn Allen O'Neal); March 2001, a painting of a dream-scene.
In the golden light of a primal Eden, my friends and I flock naked through emerald glades like wild deer, until the tower approaches...
SERRANA: by Wayan; 2MB, Oct-Dec 2004, a sculpture/webtour with 60 maps, photos and sketches
A dry little world with many small seas, Serrana has at least six intelligent species and an anarchist culture. It's a tribute to Ursula Le Guin's anarchist utopia, "The Dispossessed", and Kropotkin's theories of biological cooperation...
SHASTA STANDARDS: by Wayan; 1998/9/19, a dream of social change.
In a future where we gengineer ourselves instead of others, we no longer have to choose lesser evils...
STANDING UP CITY: by Wayan; 1970? childhood imaginary world
As a kid, my Ecotopian fantasy city was hollowed out of living rock, with hanging gardens and terraces...
TAROT: THE BUILDER: by Wayan; 46K. Tarot card, 3x5", of a 1974/5/19 dream.
The card of building your dream no matter what. I dreamed I met the Primal Builder...
THE THREE VEILS BETWEEN MAN AND GOD: by Anna Kingsford, March 1881, a prophetic, almost messianic, dream.
I was shown what veils the God in us: Blood (violence), Idols (dogmatism), and the Curse of Eve (sexism)...
TIME PIRATES: by Wayan; 1979/6/6, a genderbent pirate dream about... healthcare?
I'm a modern girl facing pirates from the 17th Century Caribbean. Outgunned, but I have something intimidating to bluff with: perfect teeth...
THE TOAST OF CREATION: by Wayan; 1981/11/21, nondream crayon/ink image
How the world was really created. God said "Let it be well done" and it was well done.
TOWER OF THE MARTIAN DEAD: by Wayan, 1983/7/7; a dream-poem of an exo-Valhalla
Climbing a mountain on Mars, I reach a hall where I'm transformed into a cryophilic being. Then I feast on methane soup with the heroic Martian dead...
UNCONTROLLED TIME TRAVEL: by Jo; 2007/7/13, a time-slipping dream.
Iím a drug-addicted amateur dramatist. A fat balding businessman and I bring humanity back from extinction, but...
UTOPIA: by Wayan; 37 p, 3.9 MB, 2007/5/9, a painted essay on... wishes?
An improvised painting-series exploring my obsession for Utopia--and your deafening silence...
WINDFALLS IN EDEN: by Wayan, 2000/3/30, a religio-politic dream.
I'm a part-owner of Eden, harvesting windfalls. But a renter says his Landlord promised him all the apples...
THE WIND FROM HELL: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, a dream-poem.
Hot air rises, right? So there's a monsoon from Hell, lifting souls. Lucky for us that gravity balances it...
THE WORLD'S FAIR: by Wayan; 1983/3/18, an illustrated dream fable.
The same night I learn of the Kerouac Tree, a wise old man shows me the world's fair. Not the event...
ZYGOTE: by Wayan; 1999, a comic astral vision.
It's true: after death, angels advise you where to go next. But what if you get an over-eager travel agent?

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