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White-Haired Women

dreamed 2002/5/4 in Pokhara, Nepal, painted 2002, acrylic on panel, 42 x 42”, by Jenny Badger Sultan

Painting of a dream titled 'White-Haired Women', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge


I am with a group of older women--I think we are all artists. There is a ritual going on that celebrates the white-hairedness of the women. Even though we are all white-haired, several of the women will be featured--at least one is African-American. Some have like fake white hair pieces on, along with their regular hair, but they remove these to show the real hair.

After the ritual takes place, as an ending we lie down in a circle and hold hands. Several of the women, me included, try to do it in a kind of skater’s position. There is confusion as we try this.

Someone says "This is how we used to do it at events in the old days" (in their youth, at events).

I say, “What events? I guess I missed those.”

Center of a dream painting titled 'White-Haired Women', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge
I really had fun working out those arm positions--making them interlace! The odd number of women--seven--made them all link together; with an even number they would have ended up in two groups subtly superimposed.

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