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Who Censors Birth?

Dreamed 1994/5/2 by Chris Wayan

I'm helping with a long, exhausting birth. The baby crowns at last. I'm more relieved than excited. So tired, and I'm just assisting the midwife. She's REALLY tired. And the mom...!

A magazine photographer has been taking pictures all through the birth. Later, when the article appears, I page through it thinking how rare it is to see such pictures or even written accounts of birth.

Who censors birth, and why? I'm not so sure anymore.

woman giving birth with huge censor's X covering her


All I know is, I wake up sure that the censorship is real and overwhelming--and I'm NOT so sure it's only men.


Simple. That day, I'd read an interview with Ursula Le Guin who said "men writing about birth scenes get it all wrong."

My dreams' response: "Just men?"

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