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Ursula K. Le Guin

Whenever I read Ursula Le Guin, she stimulates my dreams a lot. Maybe it's because she's the world's most prominent living Taoist writer, and of the world's major religions, Taoism speaks clearest to me. But in a broader sense, I think we wrestle with similar issues. I've only listed here the dreams with fairly substantial mentions--there were another dozen at least with clear but subtler influences.

There's also an entire planet I built as a tribute to her utopian novel "The Dispossessed": Serrana, a cooperative civilization of six species that evolves on a planet intentionally echoing Anarres, her anarchist world.

There's also one small dream-poem by Le Guin, You Cannot Stay Forever. RELATED TOPICS: literary dreams - bibliography of dream-related books - two more dream-provocateurs: Patricia McKillip - J.R.R. Tolkien - See also the full INDEX OF SUBJECTS.

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AELFWINE: by Wayan; 1997/12/4, dreams within dreams... about dreams.
I go to a lucid-dreaming party, meet the Child who Dreams the World, and find the Body under the Bed...
ART OR PROPAGANDA?: by Wayan; dreamed 2008/2/7, 3 dream-reactions to Philip Pullman's books
There's a rare dream-type that can change reality itself. Study its EEG trace. Can I learn to do it?...
I'm arguing with musicians--what's better, music that serves your goals, or purely great music...
I'm bored in class. Draw sexy furries. The babydykes by me do too! Art'll summon the girls we want...
BACKWARD BOOB: by Wayan; 2018/6/17, a grotesque dreamlet
I pass a jogger with her upper torso twisted 180 degrees round, unable to see straight...
BRANDY'S CURSE: by Wayan; 1996/10/23, a bizarre dream (even for me).
After I saw the film "Surviving Picasso", I dream a friend asks me to remove a strange curse...
CHARACTER ISOLATED BY A DEED: by Wayan; 1992/3/13, a dream's eye view of waking minds.
People SAY they like realistic characters they can identify with, but they don't ACT like it...
COYOTE'S VAULT: by Wayan; 1994/5/4, a shamanic dream of the future.
One of the Time Vaults has opened. That means a historical crisis is at hand. Guess who gets to go in...
FOUR-ARMED SINGER: by Wayan; 1996/5/16; a dream of baring your soul .
In our mutant future, a lovely horse-tailed four-armed girl sings her heart out--as clubgoers ignore her...
THE HEDGEHOG DISPENSARY: by Wayan; 2004/10/2, furtopian watercolor 12-page dreamcomic (or text + pics)
A rabbit shaman makes his student drape dead hedgehogs round her neck til she bleeds. How to free her?
THE LEASH: by Wayan; 1995/6/26, a dreamfable.
Alien abductions upset us--being studied, treated like animals. But isn't that how we treat other species--
study, exploit, ignore their feelings? That night, I dream one dog on a leash paralyzes a civilization...
RING OF WHITE WATER: by Wayan; 1983/1/30, an epic astral dream.
I'm a raft guide on a circular river that may just be reincarnation. A girl in my
tour group jumps ship: she dreads the white water of rocky relationships ahead...
ROBINSON JEFFERS AS A SHAMAN: by Wayan; 1996/7/28, a life-review, with 2016/10/22 followup
Jeffers, that harsh, visionary, ecological poet, seems drunk on Darwinism,
blind to kindness--or is he just reporting Big Sur's true, mean spirit(s)?
ROSE AND THE THORN: by Wayan; 1986/7/1, a dream on those too meek to ask.
We're swallowed by Swamp Sofas and enslaved to The Man Who Prays on Us. Time to grow some thorns!
SERRANA: by Wayan; Oct-Dec 2004, a sculpture/webtour; 60 maps, photos & sketches
A dry little world with many small seas, Serrana has at least six intelligent species
and an anarchist culture. It's a tribute to Ursula Le Guin's anarchist utopia,
"The Dispossessed", and Kropotkin's theories of biological cooperation...
SHEVEK'S TIME-SLIP: by Wayan; 1996/10/14, a chronohomeostatic dream.
Shevek invents time-travel and discreetly alters the past. But the future alters
Shevek's present, to undo his changes! Who's sabotaging him? Or... WHAT?
SLAVES ON RED MARS: by Wayan; 1999/8/15, a dreamfable on will.
As Mars demands independence from Earth, Jovians enslave us all! Now freedom-fighting is personal...
SWAN: by Wayan; 1995/4/8, a transformation dream; 3-page dreamcomic (or as ill. text)
I wake amnesic in a cabin in Alaska, in a dress printed with self-putdowns.
I track down the wizard who cursed me. He turns me into a swan! Worse?
No! His first curse was on a human being, and now I'm a bird. My mind is free!...
TEMENOS: by Wayan; 1997/6/17, a psychic dream.
I'm at a Robert Bly camp for men only. But I'm no man--not even human--some faun or satyr-like species...
TUBA BEANS: by Wayan; 1996/3/24, a Star Trek dream.
Changelings invade our orbital station, selling drugs, kidnapping teachers--but Constable
Odo can handle that. What's weird are the beans pouring out of that kid's tuba...
TURTLE HARANGUE: by Wayan; 1997/1/29, a warning dream.
A man mocks a turtle he caught, calling it "inept"--he knows adept turtles, then?
I distract this fisherman-ranter while the turtle quietly tiptoes...
WHO CENSORS BIRTH?: by Wayan; 1994/5/2, a dream speculation.
I'm assisting a hard birth as photos are shot for an article. Why's birth so rarely seen, what do we fear?
YOU CANNOT STAY FOREVER: by Ursula Le Guin; c.1970, creepy hypnogogic verses
You cannot stay forever / on this side of the river
with darkness coming over / and salt has lost its savor...

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