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Whose Dream Was It?

Dreamed 2008/10/18 by Chris Wayan

Image from a dream by Wayan: A yin-yang symbol in which the two halves are the Rising Sun flag of the Japanese Empire, and the peace sign.
We journey so far, so long. My family's
near forty years younger; I'm fifteen.
But it's 1938, not '68, and we're Chinese
fleeing the Japanese Army. Refugees
from the Empire of the Sun! Hop trains
til we acquire (don't ask!) a Volkswagen van.
Crawls on and on. I flinch when planes
hum too near: I fear they'll strafe or bomb.
But all just vulture-wheel. So far. So long.

We drive to California. Peach orchards sprawl.
At last, across the sky, a wide steel smile.
Not the Golden Gate; we're in the Delta still,
Gate to the southeast Bay--Fremont, Sunol.
Silver the next bridge--four towers, three spans.
But no groved islet, tunnel-pierced: a mere
prelude to the true Bay Bridge. So near,
but not yet home. Journey of ten thousand days
(so long; so far) ends in a single pace
(O please) to peace. We long. We long.

I wake from my dream on a bench in sun;
My old college. Students snack and chat.
Up walks my mom. I blurt, still half adream,
"I had an endless nightmare--we were all
refugees from hordes of the Rising Sun."
She gasps "You really are psychic!
You know your father always swore
he never saw blood in that Pacific war,
but weeks now, he wakes from dreams of fire
howling every dawn." So Dad's alive again!
Though a memory-haunted man. But when
are we? He lives; the twentieth century, then.
One silver decade back (or did the bridge's spans
mean two or three? Unsure.) But I concur
my nightmare journey must be his war
memory upwelled--passed on. That year
was long before my birth, but back in '38
Dad really was fifteen. And then...
I wake for real. Again. This time I'm sure.
I'm home, in the City of Peace. So far.
Image from a dream by Wayan: Not-quite-right Bay Bridge and skyline of San Francisco from Yerba Buena Island; the sun is a peace sign.

Thumbnail image from a dream by Wayan: A yin-yang symbol in which the two halves are the Rising Sun flag of the Japanese Empire, and the peace sign.

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