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Ink drawing; scene from a 1982/7/24 dream by Chris Wayan

Dream of a bag of wind letting me fly.

Not the usual kind of windbag! I dreamed of a big brown paper bag full of wind.

I didn't even think of "windbag" since it didn't talk a bit--it was all action. Fierce flying magic!

The moment the bag was opened a bit, it took off like a rocket--blew me right up the mountain, up a cliff through the stinging tops of pines, to the summit... Mr. Aeoleus' Wild Ride.

Can mere speaking up really lead me to the top?

2015 NOTE

I had this dream-drawing for decades, but it was undated; I never could connect it to its dream!

But today, over 30 years later, while transcribing old journals, I stumbled on the dream-scene and added the date.

And this correction. Because the dream wasn't quite as I remembered it above. The wind was gentler--only if I held the bag just right did it let me rise far.

And rather than practice bag-flight, I was stupidly obsessed with reaching my parents' house for some family obligation.

I just didn't explore the opportunity the dream offered, to learn how to speak up and soar!

Don't make my mistake. If your bag gets you off the ground, use it. See where it takes you. Control's not everything.

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