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Dreamed 8/15/1996 by Chris Wayan

Cartoon of a wizard pointing; dream sketch by Wayan.

A boy flies a small plane. Does all right for a while, but then it starts a nose-dive... A wizard pulls the boy down safely. I think he probably prevented a flaming crash.

I dreamed of all this before it happened, but it was just another small plane-crash dream to me. I do that all the time--even when they're psychic, what can I do to stop a crash? Even if I got enough details to warn someone, who'd believe me anyway? I've gotten discouraged and passive about my dream-power. So I wasn't really watching to do anything about it, even if it came true around me.

But that wizard kept his eyes open--and his alertness saves the kid.

Now I'm on a sofa watching the boy and wizard playing. He tosses the kid right over the sofa, onto his head! I'm surprised. After saving him, so careless! Yet the kid doesn't seem hurt. Crawls up over me. I'm not feeling well, endure it, but it's no fun. My stomach hurts. Why?

So I tell the wizard about my gizzard. Abdominal pain, not my stomach really. My belly's divided in quadrants, and the southwest one (the lower left, looking out from my eyes) is inflamed. The wizard pokes it, asks my skin a question, and says:

"No wonder! You hurt because fascists have occupied your southwest quadrant!"

"What... what about the other three quadrants?"

"Well, some are resisting, some are trying to stay neutral, some are half-occupied and are fighting back."

Well if they are, I don't think they're very effective! I think I need help to kick out the Nazis in my tummy. Will the wizard help me too? Or only flying boys?


Finger points at painful regions of belly dream sketch by Wayan.
Wow. The wizard is right! A classic infestation of Tummy Fascists.

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