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Wolf Baffler

Dreamed 2019/9/3 by Wayan


My sister & brother-in-law show up; they're flying to New York at dawn.

They crave sushi. A new place I won't name is within walking distance. It's open, but near-empty--not a good sign. "Do you have a reservation?" Huh? They deny us a table; seat us on stools at the bar and glare as if we don't belong here. Oh. Because we don't. You can't order; the chef chooses, the price is fixed--and triple anyone else's in town.

We leave. Walk down the block to a place I won't name either, with ramen and Japanese curry. Scorching hot, too starchy, not enough vegs or protein... just as wrong for me, in its own way, as that snotty place. Will I get sick?


I'm asked to fetch the head-bag. You know, the sack
To feed the manfish heads to our city park's wolf pack.

I head out over the lawn. Meet a cute wolf mom
Guarding curious pup. Love's warm glow. I'm calm.

But I do fear the main pack ahead. That crowd
(unlike wild) knows a human scent means food.

But it's my job. So I wade in, and try to exude
Confidence as they gnaw gilled heads of tuna-dudes.

I grab the sack. Empty, so no tug of war--today.
I glide away. Skim across the lawn, as if I'm on

Ice; one leg supports, one trails in arabasque. I
Whirl the bag overhead, a helicopter rotor. Why?

Wolf repellent? Maybe more... wolf baffler. "Hey,
Human Mysteries over here! Don't mess with me."

And it works--on wolves. But would a Baffler ploy
Work on scary human packs? Might be worth a try.

Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Day: food - big-city dreams - Only in San Francisco - duty & responsibility - class & wealth
Dream: weird dream jobs - wolves - fear - moms - sexy creatures - weird dream beings - fish - heads - threats - self-defense - dance - dream poems
Roots: 27 years earlier, similar ploy: Lily the Lion, or, Spin That Bunny - 30 years earlier, being a Tuna Dude at Stanford, in Inuit Meditation - 50 years earlier, a lions' feedsack causes a far fiercer dream-poem: They Feed They Lion

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