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A World Too Weird For Words

Dreamed 2011/1/21 by Wayan

I show up late for my class in interdimensional dreaming. No wonder I'm late--lug two huge heavy cases. One's my synthesizer. The other's even heavier--what is it? By the weight, books, papers or rocks.

The lecture hall is huge, with raked wooden benches like indoor bleachers. Our teacher pauses, recognizes me, says "Chris! Glad you could make it at all." She knows, then, about my current responsibilities elsewhere. Musical and... otherwise. She waves me to an empty seat just three rows up and on the near aisle. I put my burdens down. A globe fused with a dollar sign. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

She resumes her presentation, on a woman who sees flashes of a second reality--an alternate Earth where business rules all, and the language, though English, is full of terms and concepts alien to our time-branch, which developed along anarchist-cooperative lines. To us, money is peripheral, a mere index of resources; projects happen here when they pass a threshold of attractiveness and credibility, not capital.

"But" says my teacher, "on that alien Earth, money is everything. Economics and profit drive art, politics, religion. People scheme for it, fight for it, kill for it. Like killing for degrees Fahrenheit, or inches!

"So this woman's visionary reports are hard for us to grasp, let alone empathize with. A world with monomania, full of byzantine schemes all about one thing, is nearly impossible to describe except in its own insane vocabulary. Which, thank Goddess, we lack."

To my teacher and classmates, natives of the sane world of my dreams, late capitalism, my waking world, was literally a world too weird for words.


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