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"You're Not My Boss!"

Dreamed 2019/6/27 by Wayan

Over the last two days, I've seen twenty Democratic presidential candidates debate. Conclusions:

  1. Some are eccentric, but none are delusional.
  2. They grasp as much science as a ten-year-old.
  3. Many are vain, but not Trump-vain.
Those traits alone put every one of them ahead of the entire GOP leadership.

There's broad consensus to start with public healthcare option for anyone who wants to sign on; do that first. Warren, Sanders and De Blasio would push for Medicare for all right away, others would wait till system digested new signups before considering more. But all agree on at least that. Either would help with the horrible Obamacare choices both my sisters have faced. And Obamacare is still better than nothing, which is what the GOP wants to revert to.

Overall, Warren felt strongest--not in style or rhetoric, she'd just always done her homework and never evaded. Biden seems a nice, courteous old guy, but he carefully didn't answer one point-blank question; polite evasion, but evasion. Harris was consistently strong; I see why she's rising in polls. And Bernie rants, yes, but cogently and relevantly. He kept reminding the rest we're at war with our own ruling class and fantasies of bipartisanship or fair play from them are just that--fantasies.

Weaknesses: only Sanders and Warren seem to see Senate leader Mitch McConnell is as big a problem as Trump. Many of the others share Obama's delusion that McConnell, and the new extreme GOP, will co-operate if enough concessions are made. But the extremists' whole strategy is to shut government down, ignoring Democrats, the public, or Constitutional obligations.

Leading Democratic presidential candidates in 2019.


I'm in a supermarket. Can't find much I want--a single LED floodlight for our porch, that's all. In this huge store! As I find a checker with no line, the light turns into a small, creased, beat-up card my housemate Alder wanted me to update or renew--a gift card? It's a terrible deal--you get only $3 of real purchasing power for the $5 it costs. Yet she insisted on it. The checker comments "These are an awful deal for us, too." Oh, so it's a third party banker that siphons half the value? Apparently. From further comments I realize this is THE STORE OWNER, filling in since they're way shorthanded. If it's unprofitable, he ought to know.

The card's torn; only 3/5 here. Of course, that's all it's worth... I spot some crumpled-up paperwads on the checkstand and smooth one open, hoping it's the missing 2/5 of the card. It's another. Try another wad... does it fit with the previous one? Yeah, but doesn't complete it; need one more wedge.

The guy says "Wow, you're better at that than I am. And they do need piecing together. But I have higher priority tasks for you right now--Lisabeta's restocking Aisle 4, you go free her up--she's more experienced and can run the register in a pinch."

I say repeatedly (and he ignores, repeatedly) "Quit bossing me. I don't work here. I'm a customer." He construes everything I say as ignorable--objections from an employee who should have the good sense to shut up and listen to his boss's sensible plan. And it is good management. Except I'm not his to manage!

At last I yell "You're... NOT! MY!! BOSS!!!"

Nope. He's deaf. Can't talk to a closed mind.

Down the orders pour!

Supermarket owner thinks he's my boss. Wrong! Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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