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Dreamed 1999/1/21 and 1/22 by Zooop and Wayan


Night 1: THE ALTAR

I'm on a journey through a three-dimensional maze. I climb a metal ladder up to a glass booth and pry my way in. Looking back and down, I spot a broad altar I missed from below, about two meters under the booth windows. Two women are stretched out on their backs on this altar, apparently napping. They look like sisters: tall thin white women in their thirties or forties, with longish greyhound faces and frizzy hair.

One wakes and looks at me. Big eyes; she looks like Bev Crusher, the doctor on Star Trek. She climbs up to the booth and peers in. I put hands and face to the glass and goggle back, inches away. We're both clowning...

I like her. The first playful woman I've met on my whole quest. I'll let her in.

Night 2, Dream 1: SECRET DRAWER

I'm going through the drawers of my old desk, in my parents' house. Find a hidden drawer! Contains a pearl pin, a silver ring, and a bolo tie with a quartz cabachon--a polished oval of ore, veined with raw gold. Oh, and my old wristwatch! I wondered where that went. I sense this drawer is for things of a certain kind, but can't figure out the common trait. Amazed I never knew about it, growing up with the desk as I did. Are there other hidden drawers?

Night 2, Dream 2: CALL ZOOOP NOW!

My friend Zooop and I had a date to do something around lunchtime tomorrow... or so I thought! But when I check the calendar, find it's TODAY, I'm a day off! And it's already 11 AM...

I must call her RIGHT NOW and see what's up!

I wake up, knowing I must call Zooop at 11 AM.

So I call her at exactly eleven. Zooop's there. Her first words: "I had a dream with YOU in it!"


Zooop was wandering through a maze of caverns, metal ladders, etc. You have to pry things open to get into the next place... Sounds a lot like MY maze-dream.

Zooop met me in the maze, and I became her guide.

Then, like my dream of the secret drawer... Zooop too found a secret drawer with a fascinating book in it... about a girl's adventures in the maze! She wanted to stop and read it, but felt she shouldn't--no time. Hurry hurry!

She asked me if she could take it along through the maze to read later, but I said "That won't work." She's forgotten exactly what was in the book--just skimmed it and went on.

And of course she woke without it...


The shared aspect of these dreams may be what most readers notice, but personally I'm struck by something else: Zooop's dreambook. Why? Because the same thing happened to me once--I dreamed of a sexy, magical picturebook in the library called "A Sphinx's Sketchbook." Felt embarrassed to be seen with it, so I put it back on the shelf to check out "later". But suddenly, on impulse, I went back and opened it and saw a whole story I later drew as a comic book, though I didn't recall all the details. But if I hadn't overcome my shame and gone back, when I woke I'd have lost her tale utterly and forever.

Since it's mighty hard to import physical objects from the dreamworld, the way to bring dream-secrets into the waking world is to stop and look at them till you understand and remember. Just lugging dream-books along to read "later" won't work.

On the other hand, dream telepathy apparently IS possible... mazes of metal ladders, huh?

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