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Ancient Ruins and a Gift from Deep Ocean

dreamed 2016/10/19 & 2017/1/18; painted 2017, acrylic & beads on unstretched canvas, 24 x 44 1/2", by Jenny Badger Sultan

Painting titled 'Ancient Ruins and a Gift from Deep Ocean', by Jenny Badger Sultan. Click to enlarge

Dream of Ancient Ruins

October 19, 2016

Iíve been in a foreign country. It seems I am leaving, but I am somehow seeing or being shown pictures of some ancient buildings and structures which are made of a reddish stone and have very elaborately carved sculptures of Hindu panoramas. It seems as if they were carved in huge blocks and then moved into place.

They are very eroded, so itís hard to see the images precisely. Still, they are very interesting even though unclear, and I wish I had been able to see them in person before leaving.

Detail of painting titled 'Ancient Ruins and a Gift from Deep Ocean', by Jenny Badger Sultan.

Dream of a Gift from Deep Ocean

January 18, 2017

Sounds of a party. Iím feeling left out.

I have a paper bag in which I have token symbolic gifts for people. I go around handing them out...

A young girl wonders if there is a gift for her. I may have run out, but I reach into the bag and pull out one for her.

It is a vertebra which has been underwater for a long time and is encrusted with barnacles like little jewels.

--Jenny Badger Sultan


I believe these two dreams are about dreamwork itself.

  1. Dream of Ancient Ruins: As a person ages, the amount of time spent in REM decreases, and the ability to remember dream material often fades too. I've noticed it in myself--I average only two-thirds as much dream material as I did in my thirties. Jenny has told me that she's been frustrated by a similar decrease. I think the age-blurred carvings may visually represent this loss of recall and detail. Rich material she just can't fully see!
  2. A Gift From Deep Ocean: again has Jenny worried she may have run out of material--is the bag of gifts empty? Well, no! Note how this dream gives us a gift, too--shows us dreaming's own opinion of dreamwork. Something from the day-world falls into the abyss, to return from the darkness jeweled with new life: "... a sea-change, into something rich and strange."
--Chris Wayan

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