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Angels and Sharks

Dreamed 1975/10/11 by Wayan

I'm an angel not meant to soar; I just tread air.
I pass through things; we interpenetrate.
Myself locate in coordinates of air
As if undersea.

I must keep swimming like a shark,
Evermoving relative to things
Half in me;

Else I'll bond too deep to them and fuse:
Self lose. As I swim the street, a car goes
Through feet. Into church, over worn pews.
Air through nose

To lungs so hard, so slow: relentless work
Sleepless as a shark.

Climb two stained-glass windows. Holy birds.
I'd rather BE dove than angel! Get to breathe.
Punch the rainbow, shatter birds and bleed,
Reach air. Even under heaven, wheeze.
Hard to be this angel, moving to stay free,
Separate and free. This work's enough to turn
Any angel dark.

Angel smashes through stained-glass window

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