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ink drawing 11 x 14", 1982/12/26, by Chris Wayan.

Why the World Dream Bank? This picture is why. This is how I feel when I have to watch others view my work. I often get sick just from hanging art shows, anticipating the criticism.

two friends inspect my spilled guts while I await their esthetic judgment
But this sketch wasn't imaginary--my landlady and her boyfriend looked through my sketchbook. They were both grad students in psychology, so they very generously explained all my aberrations and personality deficits bared in my art. After all, what are friends for?

The Net is better: its loose meshes let you all swim in and out, peering at my insides all you like... but at least I don't have to know.

What's in my guts. Click to enlarge.
What's in my guts these days: diced carrots and yeast stew, moms lecturing about orgasms, blue crystals, nausea, sisters with blinders, my childhood self still crawling through the tubes, and suburban postures that need to be undone by a lot of bodywork...

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