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The Art Business

Dreams (and, on this page, some non-dream essays and comments) on the art business, from fine arts to commercial, from traditional to digital. Why so many? Well, I'm a working artist; my dreams reflect my particular trade. You're on your own where work is concerned; it's the one human experience that's highly individual; you're the world's expert on that part of your life, and thus on dreams about it, too.

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ABOVE THE WHITE TOWER: by Wayan; 1990/1/14, a flying sex-change dream of love
Flying in a wild wind, I mate mid-air with an alien, get pregnant, change sex, fight the inlaws...
AIN'T EASY: by Wayan; 1990. Nondream digital Coyote dance poster.
As Red Emma said, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution..."
AMBITION: by Wayan; 1994/5/25, an odd little dreamlike real-life experience.
My intuition led me to a panel discussion of women artists, just to hear one single sentence...
A PEEL FOR APPROVAL: by Wayan; 1990/9/24, a cautionary dream
Ariana's a brilliant young writer, but how she plans to escape her family is alarming...
APPLY FOR PRIORITY: by Wayan; 2000/7/11, a dream about taking yourself seriously
While building the World Dream Bank, I dream a hacker says
"certain remarkable sites get free fast access; you should apply..."
ART TAKES GUTS: by Wayan; ink, 11x14", 1982/12/26, a confessional doodle.
Why this site? Because if I'm around when you see my dream art, I feel like THIS...
ARTSHOW IN A DREAM: by Wayan; 1983/6/28 & 9/18, twin dreams on modern art's blindspots
Jaundiced dreams of an art show spell out just how deeply I reject the rules behind modern art...
BANANA SLUG: by Wayan; 1994/6/9, an absurd dream on a petty issue.
After a day of enduring reverse sexism, a silly dream about giant banana slugs turns out to be psychic...
BEGGARS IN SPAIN: by Wayan; 1994/12/10, A dream on Nancy Kress's book on IQ.
Two rivals stand for ways of thinking, ways of life. Why won't they cooperate, see each others' virtues?
THE BUSINESSMAN IN ANGUISH: by Wayan; 1991/7/2. Digital dream painting.
I dreamed this was in our civic museum: a painting of the central
dynamo of our world finally erupting: the Businessman in Anguish.
CLIMB DOWN THE PINNACLES: by Jenny Badger Sultan, l995/12/24, a surreal dream and painting
Decision by decision, we made our way down immense rock crags. Below, I had to put out a deadly fire,
a fire as solid as wood or stone, with a white staff. What am I really trying to calm?
COYOTE INVADES ABSTRACTION: by Wayan; nondream digital painting, 1998.
Coyote invades an abstract painting and reveals why the art biz loves high-concept, impersonal art...
A CROOKED BAND: by Wayan; 1996/8/21, a dream of chutzpah.
A spinoff band sues the original group for playing their own songs and using their own name...
ENVY'S BAND: by Wayan, 2016/1/10, a dream on ambition rebelling against niceness
I meet Envy, that pushy, ambitious rock singer from the Scott Pilgrim books.
She's kind of sabotaging herself--but then don't I go too far the other way?
FUCK CALIFORNIA!: by Wayan; 2004/10/15, a surreal, embarrassing dream
I'm trying to hump the entire State of California. In public, too. What brought THIS on? Well, actually, I know...
GALLERY GAWKERS: by Wayan; 2003-5; sketches of San Francisco characters
For two years, I sat at the desk in our co-op gallery, and
secretly sketched our bewildered, art-assaulted customers...
INACTION PAINTING: by Wayan; 1995/10/29, digital dream-figure collage
When I see that grim museum shit I start giggling "Boy art!" The guards glare, so I go home and paint like this.
MY ART'S IN THE MUSEUM, ALL RIGHT: by Wayan; 1996/2/19, a dream on self-theft.
At last, I get shown in the museum! Sort of. Homeless people sell my art from carts in the lobby. Stolen!...
MY DESIGN FOR THE DOME: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2009/5/1; a painting from an advisory dream
At first no one seems interested in my mural-design for the inside of the City Hall dome, but...
OPENING: by Wayan, 1992; incubated automatic drawing
Why don't I push for more art shows? I asked how I feel at shows of my own work, and this came out...
OVERLAY: by Wayan; 1984/2/11, 1995/8/26, and 2004/9/11, 3 dreams shape a 9-page comic on living with ESP
Dreams of translucent fairies, centaurs, robots & gnomes prompt me to cartoon
on transparent overlays to show how dreamworlds overlay ours...
PALM: by Wayan; 1994/12/9, a dreamtale on solitude.
I hang my artshow, but cut my palm. So I dream of a palm tree whose only problem is the road it's by...
by Wayan; 2017/2/5, an advisory dream fusing Aldous Huxley & My Little Pony.
My new housemate Pinkie is a party animal, but she's really nice.
Pinkie climbs a high ladder to help wash my Windows of Perception...
Then our unicorn friend Rarity walks in. She warns me to pace this renovation project...
THE POLYGAMOUS PILOT: by Wayan; 1990/9/25, a psychic dreamtale.
My friend the Polygamous Pilot is up in an ice-storm, hanging powerlines on the sky, when...
THAT'S NOT ART! THAT'S ART!: by Wayan; 1995/3/19, a true story
An artist I know dismisses her (gorgeous) art as just therapy... while the museums are full of trash. Why?
UNRESOLVED OR JUST... DIFFERENT?: by Wayan; 1989/9/26, a dream on dreams.
In my dreams, a co-worker tells me HER dreams. Their focus is so unlike mine! Dream goals differ...
WHAT ARE THE ISSUES?: by Carla Young, 2010/3/16; painting of a political dream pun
My friend's ignorant of our local Congressional race. I loathe Pombo
and like his rival McNerney, but can't pronounce his name right...
WILDERNESS OF VIRGINIA: by Jack Kerouac; around Oct. 1, 1953; a capitalist nightmare
I feel horrified--how publishers will batten on the sufferings of junkey musicians... unbearable...

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