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The Best Hotel

Dreamed before 1995 by Rick Veitch

The best hotel in India has an orgy of biters, bowls of severed fingers, and an oracle-ghost platform; dream-comic by Rick Veitch. Click to enlarge.


Even for Veitch, the bizarre quotient here is high, but might that be because his ego keeps resisting? The biter's orgy doesn't appeal, the twitching fingers aren't fresh enough... so the dream ups the ante more!

Also... Not all the weirdness is random. If this were my dream, I'd suspect the oracular spirit scene meant the dream was trying to tell me it was oracular--what I call a self-flagging dream. I can even guess what the message is. Jeremy Taylor, a fan of Rick's dream-comics, pointed out to him that his dreams are full of health warnings about overworked or injured hands and fingers--logical for a workaholic cartoonist. I hadn't spotted that in Rick's work, but I figured I'd cherry-picked (consciously or un-) mostly upbeat dreams to feature here. But even out of my few selections, both Best Hotel and Ginsberg Unmasked have severed fingers. In contrast, how many hacked-off fingers have you dreamed of? Out of 36,000 recorded dreams, I've had just a (sorry, can't resist) handful. But the pattern crops up even in a tiny sample of Rick's.

--Chris Wayan

SOURCE: Rick Veitch's Rabid Eye, 1995, King Hell Press, a compilation of his comic book series Rare Bit Fiends, p.158

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