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Blue Eagle

Dreamed 1989/10/6 by Xanthe


When I dreamt this, Wayan and I were both working in a large university library. We were taking a class in tai chi together, a practice I've kept up ever since.


Wayan and I are walking back from tai chi class. In a tree by the library, I see a large blue eagle watching us. When our eyes meet, it speaks: "Don't worry, nothing's wrong with you. But I'm not here for you either. I have other business to take care of!" And it turns its eyes to the library door and waits. I pause to watch, but can't figure out what it's up to. Finally I get my nerve up and ask. The blue eagle says "I'm waiting for someone to leave the library door ajar so I can get in and hunt cats!" I must have looked shocked, for it adds drily "Not necessarily to eat." Necessarily? Not very reassuring!

But if it's not hunting library cats to eat, what does it plan to do with them? What can you do with library cats?

Should I open the door, and let the eagle in?

Line drawing of the head in profile of a blue eagle's met in a dream, by Xanthe.




--Chris Wayan

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