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Blue Holes

Late 1950s. Sculpture, 4" long, glazed ceramic, by Chris Wayan.

This is the first sculpture I ever did. I was four or five, in preschool or kindergarten. The rest of the class made blobs and smily snowman-heads and kitties whose tails promptly broke off.

I didn't.

I was an early reader, and my mom (a painter) had all these art books, and I thought Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi and modern sculptors like that were cool. So I set out to create the most possible hollow space, the most holes, the most hole-ness, with the least amount of clay. (For the record, it has seven).

blue ceramic arches, done age four or five.
Now it looks tiny, even delicate. How BIG it looked to me then! Monumental.

No wonder--I wasn't much bigger than it.

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