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THE BRIDGE Dreamed 1989/5/28, drawn as a digital comic by Chris Wayan, 1990
(This was STONE AGE digital art! A mouse, just 32 colors, a page 400-odd pixels wide. I've doubled the original size here.)

Shootout on the astral plane: me and Annie Oakley vs the Reagan Gang, on the Pontoon Bridge of the Dead, with Mahakala as referee. Reagan uses hypnotic gas... As Reagan's hypnotic fog covers America, I leap into another world and become a unicorn. I hope in this form to lure women and horses to fight Reagan... or at least get some dates. I sing 'come away with me, fight for love and life.' My unicorn body IS alluring: drunken cowboys hunt me. To ride, rape, eat, or sell? The moral: 'Don't be attractive unless you know who you'll attract.' Or is it: 'Too many gunslingin yahoos!'


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