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Digital comic of a 1984/2/11 dream by Chris Wayan

Back when I drew this, monitors were little more than half their modern width and resolution. So if these pages look too small for your screen (especially the fine print) click to magnify the page. You don't load anything new, it just has your browser stretch the images you already loaded.
I've kept this original version because not everyone has a high-res monitor, and the magnified version looks jagged and gigantic on those older screens.
Brown Dress dream: cover of comic. Brown Dress page 1
Brown Dress page 2 Brown Dress page 3
Brown Dress page 4 Brown Dress page 5
Brown Dress page 6 Brown Dress page 7
Brown Dress page 8 Brown Dress, back cover, showing dancers in brown rags, with the words 'It isn't easy dancing up a revolution, but brown dress or not, you might as well dance.'

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